Give your brand
an editorial edge

Create more impact
on social & in print 

You are a creative genius and I feel so honored to have worked with you, and really, really want to work with you again.
— Lynsi, Owner, Pleiades Designs

White glove treatment
 at every stage of your shoot


developing a concept that elevates

Glynis will work actively with you to make your ideas a reality. Epic, magical, dramatic, playful, whimsical, fashion-forward or classic, or any blend of the above, we create and execute a concept that is exciting to your customers and solidifies your image as a front-runner among your peers.


you're busy, let us do the busy work

Planning a shoot is complicated and can take a LOT of your time and energy, your two most precious commodities. Location, casting, staffing, props, catering or snacks, styling. Glynis and her team will take care of all the details and leave the parts that you love for you.


a shoot day that is smooth and fun

Glynis prides herself on a calm, punctual and productive shoot environment, where everyone is treated with love and respect, decisions are made well and quickly, beautiful photos are made, and everyone leaves feeling excited and uplifted.


SOMe Recent Projects

ultra violet kids


pleiades designs


Ladida kids




neon kisses





What's IncludeD

All items below are flexible depending on your specific needs and goals.


    • Vision consultation (in-person if in NY area, by phone, email or video)
    • Reference board (Pinterest or PDF) for approval and refinement
    • Location booking (if desired)
    • Model casting & confirming (in person or by email/video)
    • Filing for any necessary permits
    • Creative support team booking, wardrobe stylist, hair and makeup, if needed, subject to your approval
    • Prop rental
    • Lighting and conceptual set design
    • Catering planned
    • Call Sheet

    shoot day

    • Up to an 8 hour day
    • Fun and productive atmosphere of fruitful collaboration
    • Be as involved as you would like
    • Movement coaching for the kids involved from Glynis, as needed
    • Full approval of set and lighting
    • Full approval of hair and makeup
    • Make changes to look of shoot, as needed, when needed
    • See photos/videos as they are being taken, either on monitor if there is a digital tech on set or after or during each look, as needed


    • Receiving all images and videos from the shoot promptly in a way that you prefer (Glynis typically uses Dropbox)
    • Ability to order any images that need extra retouching for special uses or edited videos and get them promptly
    • Continued support in whatever way you need it

    what makes Glynis Carpenter different?

    Glynis can help you create something that unique and beautiful that lights up your products, exciting your fans and brand evangelists with a combination of movement, drama and joy. A "big" campaign feel comes from Glynis's 12 years as a celebrity, fashion and advertising photographer working for clients like Sony, Visa, JC Penney, Orvis, Bloomingdale's, Element, Tutu Du Monde, Warner Brothers, Universal, Kobalt, Bose, Vaseline, Smirnoff, Vogue Japan, Vogue Girl, Vogue Mexico, L'Officiel, Violet, Penguin Books, Lula, Papier Mache, Earnshaw's, Mini-Maven, Nylon, Bust, Vice, Complex.

    Glynis has two children of her own. Five-year old Everett spends lots of time drawing what he calls, “Superhero 2.0’s,” which mean they have a lot more rockets attached. He did the illustrations on the Ladida story above. Vivian, 2, has funny face battles with her dad.


    what do you not know

    that might help your business grow?

    Surprise and joy effectively concentrate attention and retain viewers.
    — American Marketing Association
    Over the last decade, independent [kidswear] companies have forced older and bigger companies to look anew because they were challenging them, and they were losing sales
    — Business of Fashion, businessoffashion.com

    In today's fast-moving, socially-driven marketplace, stand out.


    When someone sees an image or video you made, they should say or think, "wow!"


    *Glynis also offers dynamic video options to further engage customers

    A recent Forbes Magazine article says, "Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019."


    Questions?  Call or Text 347-405-3322 Email glynis@glyniscarpenter.com