Glynis S. A. Carpenter strives to capture hope, movement and connection in her work. She is a 3rd generation female artist in a fashion-forward family of influencers, starting with her grandmother, a top NY fashion model who fostered an early love of style. Glynis has been a photographer in NYC for 13 years. She is originally from South Carolina and was raised in Atlanta. 

Glynis also does expert-level Photoshop, video directing and editing. If the collaborative opportunity allows, she loves to be involved in all aspects of a production, from conception and casting to retouching and editing.

Select Clients

Visa, JC Penney, Orvis, Bloomingdale's, Miss Me Jeans, Element Eden, Tutu Du Monde, Warner Brothers Records, Sony Records, Universal Records, Kobalt Music, Bose, Vaseline, Smirnoff, Vogue Japan, Vogue Girl, Vogue Mexico, L'Officiel Paris, Harper's Bazaar Brasil, Violet, Penguin Books, Lula, Papier Mache, Earnshaw's, Mini-Maven, Nylon, Bust, Vice, Complex.