In Glynis Carpenter’s work, you’ll see poignant beauty and cinematic moments. Glynis is the 3rd generation in a fashion-forward family of female influencers, starting with her grandmother, a New York fashion model in the late 1940’s– and continuing by her mother: a leader in talent development.

Glynis established an early sense of style. Growing up in Atlanta, she went from a high school freshman winning an art show for painting to graduating from the University of Georgia Honors College with a degree in English and a specialty in medieval literature.

After college, Glynis moved to Brooklyn. She interned with New York Models and began to shoot their new faces. Soon, Glynis helped launch rising stars for every major fashion agency. She was called “the best posing teacher in the city” because of her easy connection with untrained talent.

Glynis has been a photographer in NYC (working regularly in LA too) for 13 years. Currently she lives with her husband and 2 children on a scenic farm in the Hudson Valley just above New York City.

Her artistic passions are broad, starting in fashion and celebrity portraits, with a special love of conceptual projects. Lately, she’s busiest in two areas: youth and family lifestyle (both in fashion and advertising). Glynis encourages the people she photographs to feel confident, capable and uniquely beautiful. She wants to impact everyone in her path in a positive way.

Beyond photography, Glynis is experienced in assembling and directing large and small productions– as well as providing post-production services, including video editing and expert-level retouching.


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Bose, Vaseline, Smirnoff, Visa, JC Penney, Orvis, Bloomingdale's, Miss Me Jeans, Element Eden, Tutu Du Monde, Warner Brothers Records, Sony Records, Universal Records, Kobalt Music, Vogue Japan, Vogue Girl, Vogue Mexico, L'Officiel Paris, Harper's Bazaar Brasil, Violet, Penguin Books, Lula, Papier Mache, Earnshaw's, Mini-Maven, Nylon, Bust, Vice, Complex.