from 225.00

Glynis has regularly tested in New York for DNA, NY Models, Society, Ford, Society, Elite, IMG, Next, Marilyn, Women and more. She has shot top models like Victoria's Secret Angel Candace Swanpoel, fit star Jeneil Williams, legend Karen Elson, Money girls like Eniko Mihalik, Arlenis Sosa, Constance Jablonski, Kemp Muhl, Chinese superstar Liu Wen, Lindsey Wixson and many more.


Deposit or Pay In Full:
  • 3 outfits, in studio, clean, NY-style test. Meant to look like an editorial “story” all similar lighting, background, hair and makeup.

  • Expect to be on set 3 - 4 hours. Not all of this time will be active shooting, but will be styling, hair and makeup and waiting time. Bring snacks and water if you need them. Bring props if they are part of your look.

  • Hair and grooming is an additional 125. Please inquire. Look will still be cool & industry-current.

  • This does NOT include major hair changes between looks but does include simple touch-ups or changes.

  • Wardrobe NOT provided. You should ask your agent what to bring. If you don't have an agent, ask Glynis and please bring lots of options, think All American cool. If you would like wardrobe to be provided, it is an additional 150.00. Please inquire.

    10 - 15 business days after the shoot, you will receive a Dropbox with 35 - 50 high res images.*

    Basic retouching is included on the best 3 images. If you have an agency, we will work with your agency to determine which images you need.

  • Basic retouching:** simple skin smoothing and minor blemish correction, color and contrast, simple body or hair fixes.

  • Retouching NOT included: very blemished skin, large hair fixes, major clothing problems or wrinkles.

  • Additional basic retouched shots are available for 25.00 each.

  • Rush service is available for 75.00 to receive within 5 business days. Please inquire if you need rush.

*Number of high res images you receive is dependent on how many usable shots there are from the session, at the discretion of the photographer or shoot editor.
**IMPORTANT: Higher level retouching costs an additional $25 per image, is at the discretion of the retoucher. We will confirm the cost with you before proceeding.

Cancellation Policy: This shoot once purchased is not cancellable or refundable due to scheduling and planning. You MAY transfer the shoot to another model or move to a future shoot, IF you cancel your shoot in advance. For no-shows, no refunds or reshoots. For excused cancellations, Glynis Carpenter or her staff will reach out before upcoming shoots to see if you want to be included. If issues or questions arise, please email or Time limit for rescheduling an excused shoot: 1 (one) year from original shoot date.