Olivia & Tulle

Olivia & tulle

Video and photo story centered around this incredible model, Olivia Burgess, an Alvin Ailey trained dancer with a blonde afro and a strong, fierce bod.


Stylist suggestions & glam ideas

Either Rachel Gilman, my friend who recommended I pitch to you, to style, or Priscilla Polley, also a friend.

Rachel's style's a bit more out there:

Priscilla's cool and classic:

I think it would be fun to keep the clothing casual, denim, etc. and to contrast with the girlies of the tulle.Really simple makeup. Big hair.


MOVEMENT & setting

Lots of movement. LOTS of tulle. Maybe monochrome or duochrome coordinating with the look. The video will be incredible. Olivia can move like nobody's business.

I want to keep the setting simple. Either a raw studio like Ruby Bird or like a field with only grass and sky showing, which I have right behind my house.


I just did something similar with kids for a magazine. I want to do the grown up version!! Playtime. :)